Because Fundraising is an Art.

Go Big Bugatti

Interactive 3D Fundraising

Anyone that has participated in a fundraiser knows that successfully engaging particpants and raising money is an art. When you Go Big, fundraising literally becomes a work of art! The concept is simple. Individual blocks are sold to participants, who then personalize them. All the personalized blocks are then collected and used to make a unique public art sculpture! Each particpant becomes part of something much bigger than themselves — a grand art installation that awes, inspires, engages, and moves everyone that sees it.

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Putting the FUN back in FUNDRAISING!

All too often, fundraising is an obligatory chore. Sometimes it’s buying popcorn or candy bars that you really don’t need. Sometimes it’s sending a check to an organization whose mission you support, but have no tangible connection to. Rather than being interactive and enjoyable, giving can feel driven by a sense of duty or guilt.

Go Big makes fundraising fun. Everyone who gives becomes actively involved in the fundraiser. Participants get the satisfaction of making their donation personal, tangible, and part of a greater whole. It’s an amazing thing to see a sculpture and know that you were an integral part of making it happen.

Start with a block, finish with a masterpiece!

Go Big Rubber Duck

The heart of Go Big fundraising is our proprietary block design. As kids, blocks unleashed our imagination and offered endless building possibilities. We have developed our interlocking block system to allow us to build ANYTHING.
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Go Big Block Stack

Make it Personal

Personalizing Blocks

In addition to the form being built, each Go Big sculpture also takes on the personality of its creators. Elementary students drawing festive pictures on their blocks will create a fun and frivolous sculpture. Cancer survivors writing a short story of their experience on their blocks will create an emotional and moving sculpture. Participants in a team building event that craft messages of change and empowerment will create an inspirational sculpture. Each Go Big sculpture is uniquely personal, both to the particpants and the audience.

Personalized Blocks

Choose from our extensive sculpture library — with new ones added every day. Want your own custom sculpture? If you can dream it, we can build it!