Building Blocks

The core of Go Big fundraising is a simple one – Blocks. The idea for creating sculptures
with blocks is based on some of our favorite childhood toys. As kids, blocks gave us endless
building possibilities and now these simple shapes are the foundation for an exciting new
fundraising opportunity.


Many prototypes were created and tested prior to settling on the final block design. Standard geometric shapes like circles and squares don’t adequately represent detail in the scultptures — things start to look “blobby” (that’s our technical term). Our proprietary Go Big Block design fills space appropriately and makes for a unique building block from which we can create anything.

  • Four different block sizes and six material options are available.
  • Slots have been specifially engineered for each block material to ensure a secure fit and easy assembly.


Go Big Blocks are available in four sizes. Obviously, it take less of the 11″ blocks to make a sculpture than it would the 3 1/2″ blocks. The smaller blocks allow for more detail to be seen in the sculptures. Every sculpture is a balance between size, number of parts desired, and detail. We will work with you to design the perfect solution for your specific project.

11 inch block
7.5 inch block
5.5 inch block
3.5 inch block


The standard Go Big Block is made of Coroplast, which is a type of corrugated plastic that is typically used to make yard signs. It is durable and weatherproof (though sculptures built outdoors require additional engineering for wind and weather variables). Coroplast is available in a variety of colors, including clear.

Go Big blocks can also be created from a wide range of alternate materials, including wood and even steel. Note that use of alternate materials may increase sculpture cost significantly.


alternate materials