Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can my organization make?

Unlike most fundraisers, you control the amount of revenue you generate. The cost for development of your sculpture and corresponding components is fixed. So, let’s say that your project costs you $5,000, and you receive 1,000 blocks for your sculpture. You can sell those 1,000 blocks for whatever price you’d like — $10, $20, or $100 each. You can also offer sections of your sculpture as special sponsor opportunities, and set the price for those as you wish.

What types of organizations can Go Big?

Anyone that is looking to raise money! Non-profits, schools, churches, corporations, zoos, theme parks, tourist destinations, member organizations, sports teams — anyone looking to do a successful fundraiser.

What if I don’t see a sculpture I want? Can you create a custom sculpture?

Absolutely! Contact us to talk about what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen!

How many blocks are in a Go Big sculpture?

That depends on the sculpture and the size of blocks used. It’s a wide range, but typically stock sculptures are comprised of 600-2,500 blocks. All sculptures can be modified to meet your specific requirements, which includes block counts. If you have an idea for a custom sculpture, please contact us.

Where can Go Big sculptures be installed?

The short answer is anywhere. The long answer is a bit more complicated. Sculptures can be installed indoors on the floor, the wall, or even hung from the ceiling. Outdoor installations require some additional figuring. The basic Go Big sculpture is made from Coroplast, which is the same corrugated plastic used to make yard signs. It is durable and weatherproof. This makes Go Big sculptures suitable for outdoor installations, however, wind and other factors necessitate additional engineering to ensure stability and safety. This is available for an additional cost.
Go Big blocks can be manufactured out of wood, metal, or other substrates. It is suggested that any outdoor installation be comprised of such materials.