Orange Effect Foundation

Thank you for your support of the Orange Effect Foundation with our biggest installation yet —1,250 square feet!

The energy in a sound wave can be measured using decibels. At Content Marketing World we created twelve “Decibel Towers” to benefit the Orange Effect Foundation. This 25’x50′ exhibit helped  give children with autism and speech disorders a voice by funding speech therapy and early intervention.

Each tower held a life-sized silhouette of a child, and featured infographics about autism and the positive effects of therapy and early intervention.. Talking, laughing, playing — each child was elevated and sustained by an Orange Effect Decibel Tower. The towers symbolized a graphic equalizer and visually represented sound. The towers also formed a makeshift city, demonstrating the community support required to provide therapy, education, research, and technology resources.

Thank you to the Orange Effect Foundation for the opportunity to shine a light on this cause, and a special thank you to the attendees of Content Marketing World for sharing their powerful messages and providing such amazing support. We’ve got even bigger and better ideas in the works — see you next year!

Check out the event photos: