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The Story of Go Big Fundraising

The challenge of every artist and designer is to create work that is meaningful and impactful. This is equally true whether you are building a corporate brand or creating a work of art. The end goal is the same: generate attention, spark engagement, and inspire people to take action.

We have participated in numerous fundraisers with our respective families. We have supported our alma maters and donated to worthy causes. We’ve gorged on Girl Scout cookies, tried our luck at Bingo, and spent a Night at the Races. Along the way, we realized that there is a fundamental business problem with how most fundraisers are structured, and ultimately, a disconnect from the people that are donating to the cause.

What if fundraising is different? What if people are actively involved in the entire process? What if participants feel like they get as much as they give? What if it the organization raising the funds has more control over the amount of money raised? What if the social impact is exponential? What if fundraising is good for business and for the soul?

That’s the story of Go Big. We believe in the power of the individual to lift up the collective whole. We believe in the power of public art. We believe in grandiose ideas and large scale impact.

Fundraising is better when you Go Big!
—Joe Watson and Jim Gundlach, Co-Founders, Go Big Creative Lab and creators or Go Big Fundraising.

Joe Watson and Jim Gundlach