Why Go Big?

Why Go Big?

Go Big Peace Sign


Every individual donor is an active participant in creating a unique piece of public art. It truly is an amazing thing to see hundreds of individual blocks combined into an enormous public art installation.


Sculptures are large in scale and impact. When you Go Big, you’re sure to get noticed! What better way to raise awareness for your cause?

Team Building

Joe and Jim

Joe Watson and Jim Gundlach speaking at the Interaction Marketing Summit

Go Big sculptures are an excellent way to provide team building opportunities for your organization. Go Big founders Joe and Jim can facilitate a team building exercise to suit your needs — from a couple of hours to a full-day event.


With Go Big Fundraising, you are in control of every stage of the process. You can choose from one of our sculpture templates, or have us create a custom design just for you. You choose your materials and installation location. You decide if you’d like to incorporate team building or other activities in the process. You decide if you need marketing support or a complete turnkey solution. Every Go Big project is created for the specific needs of your organization.


Go Big also means big dollars! Because you set the price for each block you sell, you have complete control over how much money is raised for your organization.


Go Big touches many people. The hundreds (or thousands) of participants in your fundraiser are going to tell their friends, share on social media, and show off their artwork to family. The exposure is exponential; each participant brings along their own personal network to engage with your organization.

Interactive Public Art

Go Big founders Jim Gundlach and Joe Watson believe in the power of the arts to impact society. Go Big offers everyone an opportunity to create their own work of art, and in turn be part of a larger art installation that raises money for a worthy cause.

Jim Gundlach and select particpants at his Sharks Draw the Line public art installation.


Go Big was founded to make fundraising an enjoyable experience. Each sculpture and corresponding event is unique. Some are fun and frivolous. Some are emotional and moving. When you Go Big, people are excited to actively participate in your fundraiser.